Tekedia Institute Has Chosen An Official University Partner In Nigeria

Tekedia Institute Has Chosen An Official University Partner In Nigeria

This week, we concluded an arrangement to appoint an Official University Partner for Tekedia Institute in Nigeria. The university is a federal university and one of the largest in the nation. This school will serve as a vehicle to bring new students, companies, communities and other stakeholders into Tekedia Institute.

Tekedia retains and holds 100% of course and program development along with customer support. More so, Tekedia Institute will develop special courses along with the university to serve its targeted markets; both the school and Tekedia will jointly award the certificates. The public announcement is coming next month.

In Nigeria, we expect to graduate at least 15,000 undergraduate students this year who despite being enrolled in their different academic programs are forming groups to attend Tekedia CollegeBoost.

We will streamline many elements to make it possible to develop focused regional business programs. For example, we can offer a course on Business of Shoe Making for Aba,  Cocoa Business in Osogbo, Onion – Growing and Scaling in Kaduna, etc. Through university partners, Tekedia will translate knowledge bases in schools and communicate them via courses in ways to shape communities and markets in Africa.

Our playbook is big – and we are just starting. I want to have Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo, President Buhari, House Speaker and Senate President join our faculty because I want to develop a course on “Executing National Visions and Mobilizing Citizens and Firms”. Working with these faculty members, we will distill the Call to Missions into components. It would be a National Course for the nation. If we do that, everyone will understand where we are going. Sure, we can make that course free! Lol.

Consider Tekedia Institute for your training, we are changing lives!



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