Tekedia Live – “Starting a Business and Planning Finance”

Tekedia Live – “Starting a Business and Planning Finance”

We just concluded an amazing live session on the mechanics of starting a business with the understanding that you can be working at a company, and still help launch a new business, new subsidiary or new product line, within that company. Of course, you can also be independent and decide to pursue a mission of building something from scratch.

The fact is this: you need to have a clear problem you want to solve in the market, as an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur, and then go and solve it, deploying the capabilities you have.

In the session, our Guest Faculty, Charles Igbelokotor, B.Eng, MSc, CCBI, shared experiences, drawing from founding, INOVIDIA in London, UK. It was a very engaging conversation.

The recorded video is in Board 4. It is a very great insight on how to BEGIN, internally or externally, once you have identified that a market has a friction. We will continue the conversation this Saturday when I lead a session on “How To Scale a Business in Africa”.

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