Testimonials [Updating…]

Testimonials [Updating…]

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This book is a worthy read to all aspiring, low-fly and high-flying entrepreneurs, including those envious of the privileges that Dangote Empire has enjoyed. Noteworthy to say, I doubt Mr Aliko Dangote himself understands these privileges as a Conglomerate Tax (reward for helping Government out on high-pains by moving upstream) and not benefits of tribalism, feudalism, and/or Northern Nigeria cabalism. (source)

This book is a very amazing piece. It presents concise, well thought-out and very clear insights on how to build companies with focus on solving problems not many people can solve and consequently, have government’s attention and support. Thank so much for this Prof. (source)

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Though relatively new in the core business world, this is the best business book I have read after reading some international ones. Thanks, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe for this book and all your faculty for this platform. I have taken numerous courses on Coursera and the like, but this platform is down to our business climate. Kudos. (source)

Nice job, thanks!  A great read to start a prosperous year journey. (source)

The focus of this book will certainly culminate into creating great African innovators. It is a great book (source)

“This is my best read so far in 2021. I’m reading “The Creative Edge” by Matthew Ashimolowo now, let’s see if it will topple this one”. (source)

“Ndubuisi – a really great effort on this book. Very nice you ask your Tekedia Mini-MBA members to read it as a practical case study. I see things differently now. I never knew that Dangote Group had failed in other ventures. I will check Dangote Noodles, Liberty Merchant Bank, Dangote Capital, etc to learn more. While he gets government support, I can see his success is not only through government since government could not help him in other areas he did not have intrinsic advantages.  All my managers are reading and I have asked them to give me one area we can become a king. Elumelu/Ovia for banking, Dangote/ASR for cement, … brilliant perspective and thought leadership”(email)

The insights in this book are educating and inspiring. I have learned what it takes for a business to be a conglomerate( moving from downstream to upstream) with Nigeria as a case study. Thank you very much indeed for this. (source)

Well researched and presented book. I’ve learnt a lot and a good eye opener. (source)


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  1. This is a must read for any entrepreneur/person aspiring to create impact. The priciples are so defined; scan the market, start – no matter how small, move upstream, scale your margins, diversify and practice double play!

    Wow, indeed, the eyes of my understanding have been enlightened.

    Thanks, Prof Ekekwe, in you I’ve found myself a mentor!

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