The Acceleration of Profit Margins

The Acceleration of Profit Margins

Pricing, cost, and margin are three powerful words in business. In the next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA, coming up in Feb [early registration has started], we will dedicate a session on how to price to improve margins. Yet, besides the rudimentary cost-based and value-based pricing, the gold standard of modern business is attaining better equilibrium on marginal-cost pricing, via compounding acceleration of simultaneous reduction of transaction and distribution costs.

As you look at this plot, you can notice one thing: as the world digitizes, margins improve. It does not mean that all businesses are experiencing better margins. What is happening is that those capturing values are improving margins faster than the value-dissipation experienced by the disrupted. So, on average, margin moves northwards.

To make it easier to understand. If you average the profit margin of a digital advertising portal (like Facebook) and a print newspaper, you will notice that the margin is improving because Facebook’s margin is growing faster than any reduction in the print margin. Simply, the improving global margin is as a result of digitization and automation in most industrial sectors.


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