The best feature of an online platform is Demand

The best feature of an online platform is Demand

The best feature of an online platform is Demand (yes, many users). As you develop your playbook, do not forget that irrespective of all the styling and coding, if you do not have users, the utility of the products will drop. Perfect the Inversibility Construct.

For the Inversibility Construct, you need to turn a typical frustration in the meatspace into strength in the digital space. That means, you need to INVERSE the experiences of people, so that what annoys them in the physical becomes strength in the digital space. I provide some examples:

  • People hate crowded shopping malls; make people to like crowded shopping malls via your products (Amazon, Konga)
  • People hate crowded classrooms; make a classroom where everyone is happy when it is crowded (Udacity, Facyber)
  • People hate crowded bank halls; make products where everyone enjoys the service when the bank hall is crowded (Paypal, Paystack)
  • People hate crowded motor parks with passenger hailers; make a hailer which people like because it is crowding many people together (Uber. Little Cab)

Improve demand acquisition playbook!


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