The Bismarck Rewane’s Message: Nigeria Needs Execution

The Bismarck Rewane’s Message: Nigeria Needs Execution

To be candid, we can go on complaining about the shamble and inoperable state that we have our country in. In fact, I have shared my version of complaints and they are valid just as much as yours are valid. We have all rights to point fingers at what’s not right. But, that won’t bring an end to our quagmire. 

The state of the nation is nothing short of what can be transformed and placed on a part of sustainable prosperity. What is lacking is the readiness to work, the political will to mobilize reasonableness and action. 

Bismarck Rewane from his speech on the platform today made a solid point, ” we don’t need ideas to get Nigeria working again. We need execution.”

 From his body language, you might decode that this is a man who had seen through the width and depth of why Nigeria will work and largely why it won’t. But he offered his opinion still. He cared less about whether his appointment to the new economic team is withdrawn or not. “We are men who care less about those things,” he said. Nigeria can work.

I’ve read through a lot today and seen lots of expressions of dissatisfaction. But what can YOU do to make this better? 

Truth be told, as a nation we have embraced a culture that will necessarily lead us to misery, nasty and brutish end. This is evident in our day to day living.

We all want a “share of the national cake” as it is commonly said, but that won’t take us far. It will only breed more political opportunists and vampire elites that suck the vitality of the economy for selfish gain and personal aggrandisement. But you can do something as an individual. 

In the search for answers to a couple of questions relating to nation-building, earlier this year I picked up two books…

 “Why Nations Fail” and “History of Political Order.” Before these 2 books, I read “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”

 These three books though drawing from different points in history have a common denominator and proffer similar answers to my questions…

Nations rise and fall on the sustained whims or otherwise of capabilities accumulation of it nationals cum drive and strive to execute.

Drawing from the lessons of history, has elucidated from my books and careful study of sustainable development of nations, to build a great nation, it behoves it nationals (You) to let themselves lost in the accumulation of capabilities able to solve problems that behalf their nation.

Nations don’t rise first by the spending of government to enable problem-solving effort, the reverse is what’s obtainable from history. Nationals solve problems, government generate tax and build therefrom.

To be explicit, while I share of the pain inflicted on Nigerians of which I am one, what I think YOU can do both to better your lot and possibly that of your nation is simple… 

Accumulate capabilities, that is, build up your knowledge arsenal.

 Doing this will put you on a pedestal to both understand the intricacies that are responsible for the state of Nigeria and help you channel a way to thrive despite it not necessarily because of it. 

Benjamin Franklin noted… “It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright”

It is hard for an uninformed mind to consider intricacies with needed clarity. Complaints and more complaints are what such will be given to, nothing more.

But on the pedestal of knowledge and accumulation of capabilities, you will better your lot and possibly that of your nation.


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