The Great Disintermediation In Advertising

The Great Disintermediation In Advertising

Our market share has grown but we are not making more money! It does happen. Your industry is shrinking but you are still there. Case in point: analog advertising agency. You must have noticed that many of your competitors are exiting the sector. If you are still there, it does not mean that you are doing better by out-competing them.

What is happening is simple: many of your industry peers are dying. Why? Your sector has been disintermediated by digital ICT utilities. Yes, the pile is getting smaller every year and even though players are working harder, there are limited ways to capture value. This is the time to TRANSFORM.

The disintermediation of advertising agencies by digital platforms like Google and Facebook. How vulnerable is your sector to the evolving digital commerce? The Wealth of Nations is now the Data of Nations, find your path to digital. It took Apple decades to hit the $1T market cap but just about 2 years to hit $2T. There is power in bytes; TRANSFORM digitally, not just Run digitally.

The Challenge Before Ad Agencies


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