The Greatest Moment of Self-discovery Comes with Awareness of Uniqueness

The Greatest Moment of Self-discovery Comes with Awareness of Uniqueness

The greatest moment of self-discovery is when you come to terms on how unique you are. That uniqueness makes you amazing – that you have got great talents and special gifts. If you spend more time examining how far you have gone, over just focusing on others (friends, colleagues, etc), and then piece together what took you to those heights, improving on the wins, the future will bring better paths.

Awareness and observation are antennas into the minds of customers, sharper than any MBA. Some entrepreneurs have used both to make out of chewing stick an organic toothbrush.

To be a successful businessperson, you do not need to be as mathematical as Chike Obi or grammatical as Wole Soyinka. All you need is awareness and observation on market frictions, finding solutions to them, and rapping up in a matching story. If you can get those three in sync, you will experience glory.

Like I tell startups in our portfolio – “competition will not destroy you in Nigeria, but failure to execute will. Do not spend too much effort on what competitors are doing or will do, I want to see what you are doing and will do”. As the African proverb would say it takes killing just one tiger to be called the “the killer of tigers”, you have wins already, and I can assure you that you are already a winner.

Keep wins going! Have a great weekend.


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