The Innovation & Growth of Firms [Video]

The Innovation & Growth of Firms [Video]

Innovation = Invention + Commercialization.

The greatest moment in any nation is when entrepreneurs, makers and builders RISE. They turn inventive societies into innovation societies, accelerating human wellbeing in that process. The growth of nations comes from the growth of firms, and unless those firms rise, nations cannot advance. How do we make Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc innovation societies? I explain in these videos

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2 thoughts on “The Innovation & Growth of Firms [Video]

  1. Nigeria wants to rise by encouraging and investing in consumption, so we keep pouring more money there, hoping that somehow the country would roar!

    A country with abysmal productivity level felt that the best way to invest N500B (around $1.25B) in the name of ‘social investment’ is to bribe its youth, christined as N-Power, because it wants to touch lives, rather than building economic pillars, which will in turn guarantee future abundance. And once the money is exhausted, the people become poor again, and forget/deny the money invested. As if that wasn’t enough, we are sharing another buck across all 774 LGAs. Nigeria remains one of a kind.

    With the same amount, we can launch minimum of 1250 start-ups, at $1M each. You can choose from various sectors, from tech to agriculture; entertainment to education; healthcare to logistics; and from energy to commerce. We do not expect all of them to fly, but if we have only a hundred of them flying in another decade, we would look back and be proud of decisions we made. These future corporations/companies would impact lives much more than any billions we decide to share today, just for political exigencies.

    There are better ways to spend money, especially when you don’t have enough!

    1. The first part of your response is worth a copy Francis. It’s becoming clearer by the day that our problem is our inability to put workable Solutions forward. What’s worse is that it is not for want or knowledge that we take these easy short cuts but for the desire to present solutions that present the best opportunities for self gain.


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