The Legends of Pioneering Entrepreneurs

The Legends of Pioneering Entrepreneurs

Nothing is really boring in the world of business. What is boring is lack of pioneering entrepreneurs who can unlock new ordinances in markets. Just think of the insurance sector in Nigeria, and you will wish when it would have something like the new generation bank inflection point which happened in the early 1990s. Yes, a time when a new domain of innovation will make insurance amazing. Banks were boring until the new generation banks came and turned them around.

That takes me to the global automobile sector. Today, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, could buy Porsche, Ferrari, Renault, Peugeot, Aston Martin and Fiat with the portion of Tesla he controls; I did not say Tesla could afford. I meant, Elon’s portion could buy off these companies! Note: these EU cars have rallied close to 100% recently. 

Today, Tesla belongs to the legends, 8th in the league.

  • Market caps 
  • TSLA $473bn
  • Volkswagen $80bn
  • Daimler $60bn
  • BMW $47bn
  • Ferrari $35bn
  • Fiat $20bn
  • Porsche $17bn
  • PSA $17bn
  • Renault $9bn
  • Global:
  • Toyota $197bn
  • GM $61bn
  • Ford $35bn

The Size Of The Opportunities


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One thought on “The Legends of Pioneering Entrepreneurs

  1. The pioneering entrepreneurs of Africa are coming, it’s embarrassing having industrial conglomerates still dominating sectors here, with their atrocious valuations.

    The companies that will change the landscape are still being formed, within a decade from now, the story will take a different turn.


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