The Mission of Moyosola Iwashokun, Industrial Chemistry Graduate Turned Shoemaker

The Mission of Moyosola Iwashokun, Industrial Chemistry Graduate Turned Shoemaker

They say life will not give you everything you want but everything you want in life has been given.

Unemployment is no longer a new topic. In fact, it is a global topic. It’s the song on everyone’s lips. 

These days, finding a job is down to connection or fortune. It’s no longer like it was back then in the 90s when graduates get jobs immediately after graduation. 

Every year, institutions produced thousands of graduates with no employment opportunities to absorb them. This has led to a major problem in Africa and the world at large. 

How do we tackle unemployment in Africa?

The only effective way unemployment can be tackled is through entrepreneurship. Everyone must embark on entrepreneurship. Graduates should have the mindset of creating jobs and not looking for jobs. That is the only way we can reduce the rate of unemployment drastically.

Moyosola Iwashokun, an ‘Industrial Chemistry’ graduate shared her own taste of unemployment and what led her into full-time entrepreneurship in a very short interview with me.

 Can we get to know?

”My name is Moyosola Iwashokun. I am a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied Industrial Chemistry (2012-2016).

 Where are you from?

”I grew up in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, so I can basically say, I’m from Lagos.”

 How did you develop an interest in shoemaking?

”As a lady with the hijab, I have a love for nice fitting footwear. I would always look at my feet to see if they are well fitted in my shoes. Then I discovered that I actually have an interest in anything that has got to do with shoes.

Can you share a bit more about your shoemaking business?

”The shoemaking story began when I was in University. Although it wasn’t quite easy because I went to a school (University of Ilorin) which was quite fast in running her academic calendar, so balancing my studies and shoe learning training wasn’t rosy but it was definitely worth the stress.”

 Did you ever job hunt after graduation?

”Of course, I did. In 2018, when I had finished serving my country, I tried so hard to secure a job so I could practice my discipline ’Industrial Chemistry’. I wasn’t successful in my job hunt but I was able to think differently. I thought of combining my discipline with shoemaking business since I saw synergy between the two. Although I never got the job I wanted but I was able to land a teaching job.”

 How were you able to cope with your business and the teaching job?

”I was drenched, I had to pull out to face my craft, that is, shoemaking business.” 

What can you say about the business?

”Shoemaking is enthralling to me and making every feet count is my goal.” 

How can we find you whenever we need your shoe?

”My company name is Gbayi_Signaturez.

My phone contact: 08165334993

My IG handle: @gbayi_signaturez”

 Feel free to connect with Moyosola.

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