The Nigeria’s Circumstantial Leaders – And The Concern Ahead

The Nigeria’s Circumstantial Leaders – And The Concern Ahead

Since 2019, I have been watching a redesign in Nigeria’s leadership ecosystem. Now, I see that we have three classes of leaders in Nigeria:

#1 – Business leaders: they control the economy and their children are here with me in America. They all have US green cards (never taking citizenship due to US tax burdens). And they have paid aircraft uplifts from the Benin Republic in case something bad begins to happen in Nigeria. They do not comment on national matters because of their stomachs!

#2 – Elected or Selected Leaders: they control the state apparatus and are those who speak on NTA and Radio Nigeria. They go with many cars and security men. They are the ones who manage the budget and spend the money. They live in government buildings and offices.  Most are now mere symbols with only titles and no impacts on the citizens.

#3 – Circumstantial Leaders: They are admired by many of their people. They are old school in their playbooks. They see a massive leadership void in regional security and they provide hope to their people. They tell them that provided I am here, #believe. They are growing influence because #2 have underperformed. They are in all the regions and they exert huge impacts today.

Nigeria’s greatest risk in the next two years would be what happens if #3 makes a mistake. Yes, one simple mistake and large scale reprisal will get Nigeria to its knees. And if you go after them, then you have opened another front.

Across human history, it’s about one thing: who can give you and your family security? Any who does becomes your leader; #2 in becoming irrelevant and that is something to concern you.


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