The Power Generation Inventor From Abia State Nigeria

There was a very brilliant boy from Malawi. He provided light in his family house. As the world celebrated him, I wrote a piece from another angle: had he been born in Texas, the celebration would have included capital and funds to scale that invention across rural communities in Malawi. But here, his reward was get to school, get to school, and more school.  Nothing bad about it!

But notice that after years of those more schools, what made him popular became irrelevant to him. I think today he is possibly a banker or making money somewhere. Yet, his village does not have that light. Simply, that electricity which provided  his promise remains unsolved: he had been schooled-out! In Texas, he would possibly be an electricity baron, lighting communities. (Note sure what has happened to the Malawi boy though.)

That takes me to this boy from my state of Abia. He is simply amazing. Ohafia is close to Ovim and we are in the same senatorial zone. He has a template for electricity generation. Would they send him for more schooling or would they provide him resources to turn this invention into innovation by bringing the right people around him?

I am very aware that over educated people like me have never saved the world. But those with uncommon intelligence who most times do not need more schooling, as they are well ahead of the schools and teachers, do.

Can we have Solomon Power Corporation? Bank of Industry, CBN Youth SME Fund, etc, are you reading me?


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One thought on “The Power Generation Inventor From Abia State Nigeria

  1. This is wonderfull. We should have a “talent incubation” program designed to nuture and grow such talents. Another area that our society is lagging is in the area of “trade schools” also known as “vocational and technical education”. We need to have another alternative to a 4 year degree that is focused on hands on people like him.


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