The Sasai Super App – African Digital Pathfinder

The Sasai Super App – African Digital Pathfinder

This is a sure way to become a pathfinder. It is simply to find a path that others will follow. But to find a path has many things that come along with it. You will need to think and talk differently, especially like a person that can find a path. Have you heard of the story of the men that built America? These were the captains of industries and inventors that brought America’s civilization.

Since then great people have become pathfinders in many ways in our days. Here are some of the men that are spearheading the revolutions of the 21st century.

  1. Microsoft Inc that was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 became the pathfinder of the Software industry. The company is contently worth over $1trn market cap according to NASDAQ.
  2. Inc. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and became the pathfinder of the e-commerce industry. The company is currently worth over $1tn market cap according to NASDAQ
  3. Uber Inc. The company was founded in 2008 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. This became the pathfinder of the sharing industry. Uber has a market cap of $69.9bn according to NYSE

These great men became pathfinders because they founded a path.

Now coming to Africa, who are our pathfinders? What path are they finding that will indeed declare that they are pathfinders. Indeed, to build the Africa of our dream we need entrepreneurs that will become pathfinders.

Today Sasai App is not just an African technological milestone but has become an Africa digital pathfinder. I will open your eyes to the uncommon pathways that Sasai is helping to find in African economy.

How is Sasai App an African Digital Pathfinder

For a company or an entrepreneur to be a pathfinder that means he should do what has not been done before. That is the unique and special features of the pathfinders above. Here are what Sasai App is doing that are uncommon in Africa digital space;

 Ecosystem of Businesses:

The word ecosystem simply means an environment or a community that supports the existence of  different things. Sasai has employed the power of digital technology to house some of the major businesses of the world. This makes the Sasai mobile app an ecosystem for various businesses. When you get to the explore section of the App, you will see businesses by industries categorisation, such as Music, Gaming, Sports, Travels, News and Media, TV & Radio, Well Being, Ride-hailing, Food, Delivery, E-shop, E-market, E-service and finances. We have many businesses under each industry. Download, install, Visit and explore here.

 The super App Factor:

A super app is a kind of mobile application that gives you the ability to do many activities on the same platform. On sasai you can chat, you can make payment(Including remit), you can explore whatever you want. So, it literally combines the features and functions of famous platforms such as Youtube, Whatsapp, Paypal,Uber.

 Spearheading African language Digitization:

The digital divide is a very great problem for Africa in this digital age. Digital divide simply means exclusion from participation on the internet or the digital world. One such area that Africa is experiencing the divide is the lack of digitisation of african languages. According to UNESCO, about 43% of the world’s 6000  languages are now considered endangered. African languages are facing the chances of extinction in the future. That means the less people speak and use these languages, the more they will become forgotten and obsolete.

So, Sasai App has translated and digitised most of the african languages in order to solve the problem of extinctions, bridging digital divide and also to create economic value for those that can not speak English or French. We currently have Yoruba, Shona,Igbo, Swahili etc, more than 20 African languages digitised on the sasai app.

Spearheading African Content Digitization:

In order to solve the problem of the digital divide in Africa and also digitise and preserve our languages we need to also translate and digitise African contents.

So Sasai had developed innovation in order to speed up the digitalisation of every African content. The innovation includes; Sasai Watch, Sasai Watch Live, Sasai Podcast, Sasai moments etc. We can now have African books translated into podcasts in African language. We have local artists and influencers digitise their contents and upload  them on the above platforms. This is truly a pathfinding innovation.

Who will follow the Sasai Pathway created by Sasai.?

 A path is always created for people to thread on it or follow the path to a destination. For example, entrepreneurs created industries that many other entrepreneurs have used their system to build equally big businesses today. Consider the following industries;

  1. Uber was fast followed by Lyft, Bolt, Vaya etc
  2.  Microsoft was fast followed by many software companies including Codecitty.
  3. Amazon was fast followed by Alibaba, eBay, Jumia, Wanabuy etc.
  4. Facebook was fast followed by Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

 African entrepreneurs can fast follow the Sasai path in two ways;

  1. By leveraging the existing technological infrastructures on the Sasai platform to build big businesses.
  2. By learning from Sasai approach to solving other African problems.

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