The Secret For Great Nigerian Business Plans

The Secret For Great Nigerian Business Plans

The secret of great Nigerian business plans is Selling to Governments. Every business plan structured for business in Nigeria must have a strategy for that.  If you have a business plan, without a plan to make government your customer, go and get a job. In this videocast, I explain things to consider:

  • Make products and solutions government can be your direct customer
  • Make products and solutions governments’ anchor contractors can sub-contract to you
  • Follow government policies to make sure that your business priorities align to government interests. Because government has the money, that sector will have more opportunities than the ones it has no interest. Government runs on budgets and I hear people conceive ideas (nice ones indeed) in London and New York, and then working to impose them on Nigeria. They ask you for help on what they are doing. Most times, I remind them that Nigerian government does not have a row for that area in the budget. Simply, you cannot find relevance.

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