The Secret of Exploits

The Secret of Exploits


God wants you to prosper and be in excellent health. However, a lot of people are often deprived of one need or the other, as they seem not to be available when needed most. God’s desire is that every need be supplied to us, so we are not supposed to lack good things. Satan – the notorious enemy of man is answerable to human lacks and afflictions. 

This book is specially designed to put an end to such afflictions from the kingdom of darkness, as it guides you on how to pray effective prayers, and communicate with God effectively.   

I look forward to your arrays of testimonies as you read this book and add the wisdom and Grace in it to your life and family.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding Prayer

Chapter 2: Why Pray?

Chapter 3: Types Of Prayers

Chapter 4: Praying To Get Result

Chapter 5: -Prayer Strategies

Chapter 6: Prayer Facilitators

Chapter 7: Covenant Platform Of Exploits In Prayer

Chapter 8: -The Prayer Anointing

Chapter 1 – Understanding Prayer

Every human do recognize that there is a superior being in the infinite world who can control an influence the physical world. Even scientists recognize this fact and so the need to communicate with this great one.

What then is prayer?

  • Prayer is connecting the terrestrial with the celestial so that the terrestrial can function with celestial capacity
  • Prayer is a relationship, a communication with god so that man can obtain help from above
  • Prayer is a plea, an indulgence, a bargain in favor of the one who needs help

The need for prayer is triggered by the natural ability in man, especially a regenerated man. Prayer is not only when you go to church or speak. Prayer is a lifestyle. Prayer is a soul interaction with the physical body.

People pray when they find out that their natural ability or strength cannot handle particular situations or conditions, then they seek help from above to rule in the midst of that situation or circumstances.

Chapter 2 – Why Pray?

  • It is a commandment of God; god wants us to relate with him. He wants us to see him as responsible and able so God demands prayer from us
  • It is an act of Faith: the bible said it is impossible to receive from god without faith so that prayer you cannot receive from God. Prayer shows you believe God and hold him by his word to commit him to act.
  • Prayer is a principal key of relating with God: though there are many ways of relating to God but prayer remains a sure access to what God holds in stock for man. If you don’t pray you will drain.
  • Because of fulfillment of promises: the lord must have promised you many things in life maybe like Samson or Jesus Christ whose birth was heralded with promises but without prayers especially intensive prayers these promises cannot see the light of the day. One of my mentors always say “that it is said doesn’t mean it will come to pass” but when you take vision to the prayer altar, you turn it to manifestation.
  • Because of stiff opposition; many a times in life, people notice that they are unable to move at the required pace to attain their destiny. Your ordained destiny doesn’t require eternity to speak at an appointed time. You will need prayer if you notice that certain forces are contending with you. There are basically theses’ hindering, manipulating and frustrating forces that keep men stagnated and limited.
  • To open new chapters: in prayers we are not changing or arm twisting God, we are only seeking his hands for change of story. The altar of prayer is the altar of supernatural turnaround. To scale new heights and open us to the next level we need prayers
  • To change us: the prayer altar is the real altar of change. When we are looking for change around we are suppose to look for change within and the external manifestation will be eminent. Are you looking for change in life, lifestyle, finance, opportunities, business etc, I recommend prayer first.
  • To enjoy the supernatural; the word supernatural is composed of the super and natural. Super means beyond, abnormal, outstanding, excelling, exceeding, surpassing whereas natural means regular, normal, occurrence, the norm. So the supernatural means exceeding the normal, surpassing regular, outstanding occurrences and exceeding the norms. The yearning of everyman is to be an outstanding performer. We want to break and set new records but that cannot naturally be done. Many times we wish we had more than 24 hours a day or to remain young and boisterous forever that can only be a wish. Prayer then gives us a grave opportunity to exceed performances in our regular time. Prayer makes you live one life as if you are living 100 lives at a time. See Jesus, still living today but the Bible said he prayed
  • To correct errors; may times our experiences and expectations may be at variance but with prayer those errors can be corrected. You can correct errors that are even generational and secure a change in the place of prayers.
  • For spiritual buoyancy; man is made-up of spirit, soul and body. Many concentrate all time developing and nurturing the soul and the body but pay little or no attention to the spirit. The spirit is the principal component of man. Therefore, if you don’t offer to life a spiritual approach then a physical reproach is inevitable. Your spiritual life is suppose to be as buoyant as your soul and body.

Chapter 3 – Types of prayer

We must note that the bible didn’t recommend a particular posture in prayer rather a posture of the mind- a meek and quiet spirit. These types of prayers can be done individually and corporately

  • Sacrificial prayer: this is one of the most potent types of prayers available to us as believers. What is sacrifice? A sacrifice connotes doing something out of inconveniences, selling oneself in order to redeem others, losing all so that another can take at all. What are sacrificial prayers? It is praying when it is not convenient so that others may be vindicated. Other people call it prayer for others. God is aware of your ordeal but what our focus on magnifies it. If you put way your challenge and put others ahead of you in prayers you are drawing the attention of heaven. And in our world, quite a lot of this to pray about – the unbelievers, the church of god, the government, individuals including families, friends and foes. To engage adequately in this department of prayers you need to be dead to self and possess a compassionate heart. When you love what God loves, you have caught His attention. God loves people and as you engage in it you secure the love of god.
  • Tears prayers: this is form of prayers is not verbal but emotional. It is an expression that the mouth cannot express like that of Hannah at Shiloh. If you know what a younger wife can do to an older wife when she is barren then you understands why Hannah prayed like that. She has been going to Shiloh and probably speaking it in words, well expressed English and apologetically but this time the heaviness of her heart shut her mouth. This is heartfelt prayers only tears could explain that to God. Prayers of tears have personally brought one of the most drastic changes people have experienced.
  • Supplication: supplication means a plea, a prayer of mercy, asking God to do something because of his name. I have found out that this kind of prayer is normally neglected in Christendom. It is a prayer of help, pleading with God on account of his mercy and grace to grant your request. If you don’t deserve a thing then the grace of God is sufficient for you. This is actually called grace and supplication. It works on account of grace which is dependent on God not man.
  • Giving prayer/Alms: Prayer said to be an act more than words. When you give to less privileged, the poor, the priests, prophets and your parents. It’s an act of prayer that returns with rewards. You can give your way out of poverty into posterity, out of sickness into health, out of barrenness into fruitfulness, out of shame and reproach to fame and fortune, giving to your parents is for shining and wellness. This kind of prayer may be in the form of offerings.
  • Midnight prayers: The night seasons a powerful time of the day. It is a moment of great intervention both from god and the devil. Those who understand the power of the night don’t sleep all night. A good man said “if you sleep all night then you will fail all day” the night season especially between 12am-3am. If you can invest in prayer, praise and worship then you morning and the day shall be most splendid. It will sharpen your revelation release awesome powers for you to rule the day.
  • Worship prayer: worship entails praise, songs of adoration. In worship we express our desire to God. Take time to worship and praise God at least 30 minutes daily especially at the night
  • Service prayer: serving God in any capacity in and outside the church makes God hear you faster. Many peopled don’t even go to church at all but this is the deceit of the devil
  • Vow prayer: Prayers of vow will turn the hand of god in your direction any day anytime. A vow is an oath to do something for God in return for what he will do. When you engaged in vow making then you have committed God to perform him God.
  • Prayer of obedience: Obedience means doing something the way it is commanded not convenient. When you obey God then you have committed him to make good his promise. The bible says as obedience is better than sacrifice, when you obey God he enjoys it more than sacrificing rams, goats, and bullocks.

Chapter 4 – Praying To Get Result

Results are the proof of successful praying. The actual proof that you prayed well is testimonies. So how do we get testimonies or miracles faster and better?

  • Humility: many come to God to recount works, not even obedience as a means of securing answers in prayers. No humility connotes seeing that even if God denies you answers, He is still God
  • Righteous living: we must strive to run away from sin and its appearances. Sin can terminate your answers in prayers.
  • Growth in the things of God: we learn to grow and hear the voice of God when praying. God speaks
  • Giving/seeding
  • Faith
  • Fasting
  • Praises and thanksgiving
  • The word
  • Expectation
  • Confession

Component engine of prayers

  • The holy spirit
  • Praying in the spirit

Chapter 5 – Prayer Strategies

Haven defined prayer it is important to also define strategy.

What is strategy?

Strategy is a game plan. A plan is an approach of getting things done. In the military they say strategy is more important than armory. So, by prayer strategy, we mean your game plan of wining in prayer, be it prayer of enquiry, battle prayer or prayer of request.

The first and most important strategy is to know:

  • What am you praying about
  • What is the provision if the word of God about my need
  • Why or how did you get to this point
  • What are the trademarks of your battles
  • How do you pray
  • Read books on your challenge
  • Be addicted to worship
  • Avoid sin or unrighteousness
  • Use Gods court approach
  • Depend on God’s mercy
  • Use your spiritual armory: there are many tools for warfare prayers that god has in stock for us they include but not limited to
  1. The blood of Jesus
  2. the water of life
  3. The fire of holy spirit
  4. The hand of God
  5. The finger of God
  6. The arm of God
  7. The wind of God
  8. The cold of God
  9. Lightening
  10. Stones of fire
  11. Breathe of God
  12. Angels of God
  13. The spirit of just men made perfect
  14. The mantle
  15. The anointing
  16. The sweat of your eye brow
  17. Salt mystery
  18. Fruits
  19. The altar of God
  20. Your head and destiny
  21. Elemental forces
  22. The voice
  23. Darkness
  24. Light
  25. The word of God
  26. The name of Jesus
  27. The sword of the spirit
  28. Gods whirlwind
  29. Arrows of fore
  30. Thunder of god

Chapter 6 – Prayer Facilitators

There are things that make prayer work. They are boosting your energy in prayers and improve the result. They are called prayer facilitators. How do I become a prayer giant and continue to enjoy answers from heaven irrespective of circumstances or situation. What can I do to enjoy lengthier and better prayer time? So that prayer can be a sweet communion rather a boring adventure. I have come to discover these boosters

  • Desire to pray:
  • Praise, worship, and thanksgiving:
  • Fasting:
  • Soul winning:
  • Reading biographies and literatures:
  • Prayer:
  • Use of psalms:
  • Right company:
  • The word of God:
  • Hymns:
  • Speaking in tongues:
  • Use prayer book/materials:

Chapter 7 – Covenant Platform Of Exploits In Prayer

What is a covenant?

It is simply an agreement with well defined terms which gives the parties involved obligations to fulfill their oats

What is the covenant provision in prayer?

The Bible said “call upon me and I will answer you” this is the open cheque and a guarantee that behooves on you the only obligation to ask. Your answer is already there. God is eager to give you answers in prayer but its either many are not praying or praying wrongly. There is an assurance if you pray rightly.

Why are there no prayer results?

  1. No access;
  2. Praying amiss:
  3. Lack of joy in prayers:
  4. Faith failure:
  5. Unrighteousness:
  6. Praying outside His will

Chapter 8 – The prayer Anointing

What is prayer anointing?

It is the divine enabling or help of the Holy Spirit that enables a believer gets enough ability to pray till things get result. It affects the quality and quantity of prayers. The reason many people don’t pray is because it require physical labor, timing and lots of energy but the anointing makes prayer enjoyable, it creates delight in prayer, you begin to feel like praying all the day. You are always seeking time to pray even during the active day you quietly engage in prayers. Just like the drunken man does not need to rehearse drunkenness,, you are drunk in prayers

The prayer anointing! When it enter your life, you savor prayers more than anything n in this world. You begin to see wonders, breakthrough with little or no effort made around you. Then you begin to wonder at your result compare to your effort.

This anointing is not only for Men of God but for all Christians. If all Christians pray like their pastors then their jobs will be easier. But they sneeze they go for prayers, they cough they go for prayers. Why don’t you ask who your own pastor goes to see on such trivial issues,

This anointing when it rests on your head you will convert rest or sleep time to prayer time.

Many say the length of prayer is immaterial but its important to note that when you are baptized into the anointing, you can spend 8-12 hours in the place of prayers.

How to experience prayer revival:

  • Ask;
  • Seek:
  • Use prayer books:
  • Practice separation:
  • Fasting:

The prayer revival will make you the 10 minutes prayer man to begin to pray 1 hour without stress many things you have been running around town for without result will start to yield when you give prayer a priority

What is in the prayer anointing?

  • Supernatural breakthrough
  • Deliverance
  • Financial breakthrough
  • Marital breakthrough
  • Divine help
  • Divine favor
  • Divine mercy
  • Open heaven and open doors
  • Supernatural multiplication
  • Supernatural enlargement
  • Divine lifting
  • Access to revelation and divine information
  • Divine protection and defense
  • Supernatural promotion Ps 113:1-7
  • Supernatural harvest
  • Victory
  • Judgment and vengeance

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