Ingredients of Success

Ingredients of Success


Do you have a life vision? Are you having a good mental picture of what you want to become in life, set the right goals and how you can realize them? The first journey every man must embark on in life is the journey of discovering who he is and the assignment he is destined to do on earth. Pursuing this assignment with vigor will put him on the path of his life purpose, and connect him to life of significance, thereby becoming fulfilled in life, successful, wealthy  and healthy.

To understand your destiny path and be so articulated enough to fulfill your life purpose, there are certain ingredients you must carry along with you as you journey through life daily. This is why this book has been specially written to equip you in this direction to enable you optimize your potential and be a go-getter in life.

In this book you will be able to know who you are and align yourself to your life purpose, know the steps you can take to live out whom God created you to be, and triumph in life and business.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Understanding Yourself

Chapter Two: Ingredients Of Success

Chapter Three: Fulfill Your Purpose And Destiny

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