1.0 – Understanding Yourself

1.0 – Understanding Yourself

This question is very critical, and it usually resonates and it is in daily discussions of individuals. It is a question of identity. Before you find out your assignment, you should know who you are and who you are supposed to be. In this question lies your assignment. Who are you? Is the question the world will ask you. You may not deliver on destiny, apologetically you must prove your worth. Who you are entails the following:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is your makeup?
  • What is your duty here?
  • What makes you think you are needed here?
  • Tell us about yourself

Now this question may give you access or not, it may grant you favor of not. There are people whose names open doors just by mentioning it. That’s why a good name is a priceless asset.

1.2 What are you born to become?

In question of your assignment, you are a solution not a question mark but that solution you carry is exhibited in the form of an assignment. Some are Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, and Pastors. There are various assignments that individuals are endowed to deliver to their generation. To live outside your assignment is to live a wasted years because you can only shine in the place of your assignment. Your assignment is your mission, it is your purpose. That’s the reason for your coming into the earth. If you fulfill your purpose you have done well.

1.3 Know-how

The know what is important as well as the know-how. Know what is knowledge and you know knowledge is powerful. If you know it shows but the knowhow is wisdom. In fulfilling your destiny, wisdom is a critical factor. Even the holy book said “wisdom is the principal thing” but wisdom is applied knowledge. When knowledge is correctly applied the result is inevitable.

Wisdom factor is always the missing link. Many know nothing, few seek knowledge and fewer more apply wisdom. The primary factor in fulfillment of your destiny is wisdom-the knowhow. Let’s be practical here, you must store up enough knowledge- read books, seek mentors, read biographies etc. so the equation is:

Knowledge + Insight = Wisdom

Insight is the same as light or revelation which is a product of meditation. So insight is the force that lights up knowledge and propels it into wisdom.

Benefits of Self-Knowledge

Below are some reasons why you may want to understand your own nature:

  • Happiness. You will be better-off when you can articulate who you are in life. You must be able to expressing your desires. Developing ability to get what you want.
  • Avoiding inner conflict.  Your outside actions should be in accordance with your inner feelings and values, so as to experience less inside conflict.
  • Making Better decisions.  Knowing yourself will help you make better choices about all.
  • Having Self-control. When you know who you are, you will know what motivates you to refuse to accept bad habits and develop very good ones. You’ll have the foreknowledge of which values and goals can activate your willpower.
  • Ability to resist social pressure.  When you are well grounded in your preferences and values, your yes will become yes.
  • Ability to tolerate and understand others.
  • Having pleasure and vitality:  Knowing who you really are makes you feel more alive and makes your experiences in life richer and more exciting.

Understanding Building Blocks of Self

The building blocks of self are as below:


Being ready to help others, being creative, living healthy and financially secured is guides to decision-making and encouragers for goals. Think and write about your values so that you can take healthy actions when it matters. To be self-motivated, know your values and worth


This has to do with your passions, hobbies, and whatsoever draws your interest over a substantial period of time. To know your interests, you ask yourself the following questions:  What do I pay attention to? What am I curious about?  What am I worried about?  When you are mentally focused on something it makes life more vivid and can give you a clue to your genuine passions.

So many people are able to build careers around profound interest in something.


Your temperamento has to do with your inborn preferences. Are you an introvert person (you restore your energy by being alone)? or extrovert person (by being with people)?  Are you a go-with-the-flow type of person or a planner?  Do you make your decisions more based on your feelings or thoughts and facts?  Do you prefer Big Ideas or details? Your appropriate answers to these temperament questions could help you move toward situations in which you will flourish and keep away from situations from which you could be hurt.

Around-the-Clock actions  

The “around-the- actions” type refers to when you appropriately like to do things. This is called your ‘biorhythms’. Are you a night person or a morning person, for example? When in the day does your energy reach peak? You need to schedule activities when you are at your best form, so as to respect your innate biology. In all areas, it’s more favorable to enjoy life when you don’t waste much energy pretending to be someone you aren’t meant to be.

Life Mission and Goals 

What have been memorable events in your life? You’ve got to frankly ask yourself this question.

This will give you clues to your hidden identity, to your divine work, career, and life satisfaction.


Strengths has to do with abilities, skills, and talents, and character strengths including love of learning, loyalty, emotional intelligence, respect for others, fairness, and lots more. Understanding your strengths forms one of the foundations of self-confidence. Inability to acknowledge your own super strengths could put you on the path of low self-esteem.  Look out for skills in you that could be clues to your strengths. When people applaud your good side, it is an indication of your area of strength which you must pay attention to and develop the skill close to it. 

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