2.0 – Ingredients of Success

2.0 – Ingredients of Success

There are certain ingredients of success that can propel a man into exploits. You want to succeed in life, fine but these pillars are needed to make the journey very easy.

  1. Attitude: Attitude is everything. You need a good attitude or simply put a positive attitude to
  • work
  • life
  • business
  • family
  • religion

The fundamental attitude of stars is the learner’s attitude which is a product of meekness. It is attitude that determines your altitude. If you remain true as a learner you remain ever rising. In the field of life, you never come across a star without a coach.

  1. Diligence: diligence means hard work but in the present day, it is called smart work. You need to put in a lot of efforts into your assignment. Diligence is a key factor in actualizing your destiny. There is an individual working 18 hours daily and you are working 8 hours and you expect same result?, never.
  2. Discipline: Discipline is the scare of success. You must engage in strict discipline, time to study, active work durations a time for dedicated reasoning.
  3. Dedication: Dedication is doggedness to a particular cause. Dedication is like planting a seed into the ground, it dies and germinates and there after produces fruits. Dedication means to be buried into ones assignment till you produce outstanding results. Like a business titan said he does not accept failure in his company- that company made 100m naira profit in 5 years!
  4. Wisdom: If you score 10% each in the four aforementioned factors without wisdom you will still fail. Wisdom is simply knowing how to do what you need to do. Obtain great results in spite of prevailing circumstances. The raw material of wisdom is knowledge. You need adequate knowledge of relevant skills in your field because your continuous rising takes commitment to skill development.


Attitude is the first thing most people notice in you after your physical appearance. It takes about one tenth of a second for a person to form their first impression concerning you. To put that into point of view, it takes someone about one third of a second to make a blink. That’s how small a time you have to make a first impression on someone, yes, less than a blink of the eye!

You have small control on how someone pre-judges you in such short space of time but the things you do have many control over is how you are judged in the time after such first blink. Your attitude describes the way you hold yourself, how you listen to someone when they speak, the way you speak of others, the respect you display to others, your disposition, your manner, your feelings and the way you expect people to respond to you.

Would you like people to be eager to be around you or would you rather wish they avoid you and take another way when they see you coming towards their direction? I doubt, you will prefer the latter!

By taking on a positive manner and training yourself to see good side in as many situations as possible then you become a much more happy person overall plus someone that others enjoy being around with. You don’t need to bother going around with silly grin on your face every day, it’s not about that really. It’s all about changing your feelings so that you change your attitude on life and attract many positive thinking people towards your life. No one loves to be around Negative Nelly and I know you certainly don’t want to be such person. o

Your attitude is not a thing that you can change overnight or a few minutes but by practicing a few steps repeatedly you will begin to see things in a really more positive illumination and for sure others will notice the changes in you too. Change is an excellent thing!

How To Develop A Positive Attitude

Find out what is making you to feel unhappy or negative

Find out why you are having negative opinions or thoughts. Your childhood training can have a big effect on how you developed your thoughts in adulthood. If you found of having negative thoughts or jumping into conclusions about something or someone, try to think of something positive concerning them instead. Always replace negative thought with positive thought whether big or small.

Look for a role model who can makes you feel good

Who do you usually look up to and wish you were much more like. This may be because they are good looking, rich or look like they have great thing going for them but the dissimilarity between you and them is very certainly your manner towards life.

Don’t look up to someone who remarks negatively about others or complains regarding their life. Such people are grateful for what they have gathered and have very worked hard for it. They are pleased about waking up all mornings and they have positive view on life in spite of of the troubles that confronts them. When you start thinking negatively about some things as yourself what do you think your role model will do and mimic their behavior? By practicing this, it will become natural for you to develop more positive behaviors and thoughts.

Be around positive people

Surround yourself with those people who have positive attitudes then you will begin to act surprisingly more like them and change your usual negative thoughts towards others and your life. You will then become what you think and also become the people you surround yourself with. You need to cut negative people away from your life if required.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental state attained by concentrating on one’s awareness on the current moment, while calmly recognizing and accepting one’s thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, put in place as therapeutic technique. You should be able to live in the current moment, pay much attention by purpose and be less judgmental about others feelings.

Compliment people daily

Be complimenting people with real genuine compliments and see the happiness it brings them. Paying people great compliments and good smile releases pleased endorphins into your blood stream and helps you feel good about yourself.

Stop judging others

Judging others is not beneficial and often than not result in negative thoughts and distorted behavior towards another person. Develop changes in your attitudes and thoughts towards others and your life. A bad attitude looks like a flat tire, it won’t get far until you change it.

You are in better position to change your attitude and such vibes you give off to our world – endeavor to make them positive vibes alone!

A Way To Discipline Yourself

In the heart of most successful persons, is self-discipline. Whether you see success in their individual lives or their professional lives, it must have started with an inherent ability for self-control of discipline – Your emotions, your thoughts. your behaviors or your habits. All of these must be kept under check.

If you are keen to achieve those superior goals you set, understanding ways to discipline yourself is a great key ingredient to that success recipe. However, self-discipline is not something really new. Self-discipline has been a major topic of discussion even thousands of years, and it has been championed by many of the world’s most flourishing people.

What Successful people understand that discipline is the doorway to the accomplishment of their goals. Therefore, they learned very well how to use discipline in their respective lives to achieve their ideas. They optimized the art of self-discipline by producing a foundational set of great habits that helped them see things all the way through.

There are usually10 habits through which you can discipline yourself. If you are able to apply these 10 habits in life, you will be able to create a foundation for actualizing your goals. When you don’t have these habits, you find out that you will just be moving around in the dark.

Discipline Habits

The pathway to self-discipline becomes live when you are able to infuse the following peculiar habits into your life, then it becomes easier disciplining yourself. However, it is not an overnight thing. It takes a long time to form a habits or break.

1- Gratitude

A well developed habit of gratitude will helps move you away from continually desiring what you don’t have, also towards valuing what you do have.

Gratitude helps improve your mental health, your spirituality and your emotional wellbeing. Also, it can helps you move away from any state of lack and be attracted to a position of abundance.

2- Forgiveness

Spending large fraction of our days in a situation of regret, anger or guilt, create more of problems than solutions that can move our life forward. Anger and hate drains far more energy than forgiveness and love. When you forgive, you learn letting go of certain things.

Lacking the habits of forgiveness will not make you to achieve self-discipline. Most times, you tend to be too worried about how someone mistreated you than to focus on virtues such as discipline or achieving your goals.

3 – Meditation

Good meditation can help put your minds at ease. It can provide you with spiritual positioning that often acts as avenue for growth.

Meditation has big impact on our capacity to become self-disciplined. It clears the mind’s state, and sets appropriate tone for your day. Meditation helps to enhance your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health at once, making you to gain some of the largest results for minimal time invested.

Meditations can something of 10 or 15 minutes. Stabilize your mind and don’t let it drift. When it starts to drift, roll it back.

Meditation is about aligning our spiritual or astral bodies with your physical bodies. When you align the two, you will be able to live more attentive life by refusing to worry about those common things that are capable of weighing you down. This will help you lighten your load indeed.

4 – Lively Goal Setting

Develop lively goals that are well written out. These are specific and measurable goals. You must engage in lively goal setting on daily basis, with this, it becomes very easier to achieve your dreams.

Lively goal setting brings about discipline because it gives you direction. It enables you to see daily activities clearly and plan your well.

5 – Sleep

Get enough sleep to be able to do things well.

It’s significant to get minimum of 6 hours sleep per night, no matter what.

7 – Exercise

Exercise is very paramount to your fitness and well being.

Doing enough and regular exercise can help you become more disciplined and improve your life in various ways. Regular exercise can reduces your levels of pain and stress.

8 – Organization

Be organized to enable you become self disciplined and accomplish your goals..

9 – Time Management

When you manage your time properly, you will have room for the things that matters. You will space for the actions that will enable you achieve your goals.

10 – Persistence

You need to be persistent and focused to be able to achieve your goals.

Persistence is that positive habit that makes you not to give up easily.

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