The Shame in South Africa

The Shame in South Africa

May I use this medium to wish Nigerians in South Africa the strength to overcome! What is happening there is offensive and repulsive.  The biggest shame is the African Union which continues to live on the illusion that talks and signing papers can make Africa one. As South African thugs strengthen without consequences, messages are sent across the continent that non-natives can be attacked as a new form of liberation. No nation or continent can rise without property rights. South Africa has shown why its future is challenged as legal owners of properties are deprived of their rights.

The challenge ahead is huge, across Africa, because economic opportunities are dissipating. We are now about the size of China. Yet, we command only 25% of its GDP which means four Africans are competing for an opportunity reserved for a Chinese. This is not to rationalize the mess across African cities where people are attached under xenophobic hatreds.This is to note that unless there is a new trajectory, the future is not assured.

Nigerian youth – hold your peace. You can show South African youth that you are more advanced and civilized. Governments must protect South African properties in Nigeria.

I push for three things:

  1. South African government must compensate in totality all losses (direct and indirect).
  2. Immediate arrest and public trial of the perpetrators.
  3. African Union sanctioned security apparatus for South Africa to protect Nigerians and other foreigners along with their properties. Where South Africa does not have the capacity, AU can help while South Africa pays the bills.

Where South Africa cannot deliver on those, its position as a member of AU needs to be revisited. By then, AU should compensate Nigerians and others, and help them leave South Africa. I am not sure that is the outcome South African leaders want. Where they want otherwise, they must lead.


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3 thoughts on “The Shame in South Africa

  1. Welcome to modern day barbarism, where people can just get angry and then unleash mayhem on foreigners, what a world!

    I heard the rant of one their government officials, the supposed Deputy Minister of Police, from what he said, you may be forced to wonder how such person found himself in a position of authority; a reflection of the society maybe. If South Africans and their government don’t want foreigners, it’s very simple: close down all your embassies, shutdown your airspace, waterways and land borders; and you will have your land all to yourself! If you people survive for one week, then the rest of mankind will congratulate you.

    The one we call AU (African Union) has only existed on paper, it doesn’t seem to have concrete functions. We cannot be claiming of One Africa on one hand, while the people you thought are with you are readying their knives to chop off your head; it’s time to know who are for or against us.

    We are imagining a future of AI, IoT, AR, VR, EV and the rest of them; while humans are quickly losing what makes them humans, humanity is losing its essence.

    To our brothers and sisters over there, remain strong, unite and defend yourselves where possible, never allow idiots to have their way so easily.

  2. The mayhem now been unleashed on foreigners by South Africans is a clear indication of the undoing of a Nation and its people. But for how long shall Nigerians continue to be trampled on at the slightest provocation? for how long shall the mere signing of papers without action become a bonding factor?

    South Africans and the world all over should understand that “crime” is never of a Nation, of a tongue, of a tribe but of individuals! crime is NEVER endemic! Nigerians are peace-loving people, yes, Nigerians are hardworking people, yes, you can learn from them and prosper even more than them, rather than venting hatred.



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