What’s This Thing Called “Innovative Marketing”?

What’s This Thing Called “Innovative Marketing”?

Although it is one of the youngest business and management sub-disciplines, marketing has taken on diverse trajectories from profit through non-profit and third sector.

Business to consumer (or B2C) marketing had been the traditional pioneer of for-profit marketing from the days of Ford and the selling concept of “having any colour you want as long as it is black” to the marketing orientation of “you said, we did” – putting the consumer and/ or customer first.

Interestingly, entrepreneurial marketing has also emerged highlighting the need and/ or utility of interfuctional integration of marketing with other disciplines be it accounting-marketingmarketing and sales through Logistics, Marketing and Purchasing, sustainability, social media/ communications to AI (artificial intelligence) and digital marketing, innovative marketing etc. The list is endless.

Ahh… did I forget to mention Arts Marketing? Now that is another creative and innovative dimension of marketing that is gaining traction.

Now here’s a penny for your thought. How different is innovative marketing from entrepreneurial marketing?

I ask this question considering that part of the definition of the latter is enshrined in the former. Picture this from Professor David Stokes:

Marketing and entrepreneurship have been regarded traditionally as two distinct fields of study. A growing awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation to marketing, and of marketing to successful entrepreneurship, has recently led to attempts to combine the two disciplines as “entrepreneurial marketing”.

Stokes (2000: 47)

Over to you.

Further reading:

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