The Supreme Court Nigeria’s Miracle for Hope Uzodinma As Emeka Ihedioha Departs in Imo State

The Supreme Court Nigeria’s Miracle for Hope Uzodinma As Emeka Ihedioha Departs in Imo State

In the village during the Christmas, some people came to push me to run for the office of the governor, Abia State. I laughed. They were confused. Politely, I mentioned one word: Kogi. Yes, Nigeria is fading, politically. And the Supreme Court has joined the fray. Today, Imo state’s Emeka Ihedioha was kicked out as governor. But Supreme Court painfully found faults in the #2 and #3 candidates, by number of votes won, until it landed on #4. That #4 is APC’s Hope Uzodinma. Sure, this is not to say #4 got help as a ruling party candidate. But there are things lay people like me cannot understand.

But there is an explanation: ” Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun who delivered the judgment on Tuesday, declared that the votes due to Senator Uzodinma were unlawfully excluded from the 318 polling units and should be added to his votes”. Amazing!

Real magic in Imo state as APC’s Uzodinma goes to Government House even as PDP’s Emeka Ihedioha goes to his family’s house, Supreme Court of Nigeria directing.  I have never seen a miracle in politics like this one. Yes, #1 was faulty. #2 was no good. #3 was a bad guy. But #4 got votes but were excluded in an election conducted by his party.  You want to buy a bridge in Abia? Lol, Nigeria. A nation in motion.

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