The Vice President’s Quote on Nollywood And Igbo Apprenticeship System

The Vice President’s Quote on Nollywood And Igbo Apprenticeship System

“The Igbo apprenticeship system has been cited as the biggest business incubator in the world and the Southeast is the birthplace of Nollywood; our film industry which has achieved global renown on the strength of the creativity and imagination of young Nigerians.” Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria.

What did Nigeria do in the 1990s? We invented a new age of banking when the finest banking institutions in the land were minted. We created Nollywood. And even in sports, we reached new heights, in Olympics, football, etc. The fact is this: former military dictator, IBB, if not that he was a military man, would have been one of the finest leaders in Nigeria.

He built a new city (Abuja), opened new sectors, but unfortunately he also made unforgivable mistakes: public sector corruption flourished under him with impunity of the state.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is now the President of the United States. He is #46.

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So, after these nice words from the Vice President, what next? I think we should grow past these niceties and transition to getting things done; enough of empty words.

If we are no longer minting and birthing great companies, why is that the case and how did we lose track? Did we stop thinking or deliberately become lazy, to the point of being pathetic in our deliverables?

It should be easier to mint high value companies in this era, giving the plethora of knowledge bases and digital tools at our disposal, so if we are still subpar, then we are the problem.


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