The Victory of Taking Action

The Victory of Taking Action

No greater victory has been achieved than the ability to begin and take action no matter how small.

Ken: I am planning to start a business in Lagos.

Chris: That is great.

Ken: But my friend, I am worried because the socio-economic climate is very bad.

Chris: They have been writing that since 1960 and all the people listening died and nothing changed. But the “deaf men” like Dangote, Elumelu, Ovia, Innoson Founders went ahead.

Ken: Chris, Chris, Chris. How many times did I call you?

Chris: Three times.

Ken: I wanted to be sure my ears were hearing well.

Chris: Nothing is wrong with the big ears. Nations do not kaput. Only faint-hearted men and women fade.


That is right – Chris is right. You can see what you want to see – Nigeria will always be. Live your dream and stop waiting for perfect Nigeria.

Take ACTION – it is a New Year

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