These Are Reasons Why Young People Deserve Opportunities During Hiring

These Are Reasons Why Young People Deserve Opportunities During Hiring

I have never doubted the value of experience, and I am not hoping to do so anytime soon. They say it’s the best teacher. I learnt not to put my hands in fire because I got burnt the first time I tried to do so. Infact,  many of the things we do today was learnt after we must have tried so many times, just like walking for instance. So experience is good, but still…

There are many economic and age related issues, making it more difficult for  younger workers to break into the current job market. Many think they lack the needed depth and professionalism needed to deal with work related issues. In reality it isn’t exactly clear black and white terms. Zlatan ibrahimovic is almost 40, yet he outperforms many footballers in their teens and twenties.

In another instance, the brilliance of the golden boy Mario Gotze was able to outshine the experience of the veteran German Striker Miroslav Klose in the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany in 2014. It took a moment of brilliance from the young player Gotze to score the winning goal in extra time, after being brought in to replace the German Legend who just couldn’t find his pace in that particular game.

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The debate can go on for as long as you want to,  but here I will try to give some reasons why you may want to hire someone younger the next time you’re thinking of hiring someone. Though this depends on what whoever is hiring is looking for.

1.New Perspective

Young employees tend to bring fresh ideas and a different way of thinking to your business. They are more willing to learn and build their experience along the line. This drive and excitement is good for every team. If the organization is also aimed at reaching out to a younger audience,  young people are more likely going to relate better with these group of people. 

2 .Technology Adaptation

Most young people, say millennials, grew up with technology. As a result, they are more likely to adapt to technology quicker than the older generations in the workforce. Especially in the use of software technology, young people adapt more readily to the rapidly changing and dynamic digital space.


Young people are more likely to receive lower wages for doing a particular job than older workers. Yes, generally they get paid less than the average big portfolio man. 

4. Energy and Affordability

Generally younger workers are more energetic and adapt better to changes in the economic and political spheres. They are more likely to relocate also. 

5. Health

Younger workers are less likely to complain about failing eye-sight, waist pain, indigestion and high blood pressure. This doesn’t mean that all older workers have to deal with these, but you know, you never can tell.

This article  isn’t trying to underestimate the value of experience in anyway. Experience is valuable and cannot be thrown aside. Whoever does so is doing it solely at his own risk. The article is only trying to give you reasons why you may have to carefully weigh your options to know exactly what you need as the case may be.

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