Tips on Managing the Pressure and Tension that Comes with Job Search

Tips on Managing the Pressure and Tension that Comes with Job Search

Job hunting is a job on its own; a very serious job at that. It is a job that comes with lots of pressures and tensions. It’s a job that can make you happy, sad, angry, afraid, surprised, disappointed, or a mixture of all of these emotions at the same time. Job hunting is a type of job no one wants to go into. Besides, it pays no salary; instead it takes the little money you have.

Anybody can find himself hunting for a job. You may be searching for a job that is better than the one you have; you may be looking for new business partners and investors; you may be a freelancer pitching for freelance jobs; you may be hunting for customers; or, maybe you are just a fresher searching for a job after completing your trainings. So long as you are looking for a way to make a better living, you are job hunting. That’s life.

No matter what you applied for, there is always this tension that comes with opening the mail that replies your application. I thought I have passed this level until recently when I got a long awaited mail from an establishment, whose attention I have been trying to catch for some months. I couldn’t believe myself when my hands shook and my heart beat faster as I saw and tried to open the mail. That was when I realised how slow our network is in Nigeria. Finally I opened this precious mail only to see that my application was rejected. I hissed and dropped my phone like I was fighting with it (lol).

Well, those minutes it took me to read the notification and the mail were enough to send me to another zone if I didn’t have these tips I am about to share with you. I truly understand what a lot of people pass through in their search for greener pastures because I have been there, and I’m still there. The fear of rejection, the disappointment from finding out that you are not qualified to apply, and the pressure from seeing your mates getting better paid jobs are just too much for job seekers. However, all these feelings are forgotten once a job lands.

But as we look for jobs, we need to learn some tips that will help us manage the pressure and tension experienced within this period. These tips include:

Tip #1: Apply to many jobs
This trick works for everybody. What it does is that when your application for a job is turned down, you will have hope that another one will accept you. Besides giving you hope, this trick also helps to keep you busy so that you don’t have time to lament on your loss. But you need to apply to jobs you are qualified for so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.

Tip #2: Belong to Job Seekers Forums
There is something good that comes with belonging to a group where all members share something in common. In this case, all of you are job seekers. This forum will provide a place for you to receive consolations when you feel overwhelmed by your situation. Besides that, you may hear about a new recruitment process and receive tips on how to scale through the interviews of some companies. You can find a lot of online job seekers forum. Find one that suits you and subscribe to it. But be careful so that you don’t let them feed you with negative thoughts about your job seeking status.

Tip #3: Subscribe to an Online Job Search Engines
There are a lot of online websites that post jobs existing within an area. You can’t be seeking for jobs if you didn’t subscribe to as many of them as possible. Note that I am not saying that you will definitely get a job through these platforms, but it will be of greater advantage to you because you will get to know most of the job openings around your area and their basic requirements. What I also like about these platforms is that they keep job seekers busy and enlightened on what they need to land their dream jobs.

Tip #4: Follow Recruiters on LinkedIn
Following recruiters on LinkedIn doesn’t guarantee jobs, but it gives the much needed hope this period requires. Also, you will get to know what employers seek for in employees, this is very important. Recruiters also serve as training grounds for job seekers because they usually post articles on why people’s applications are rejected, different tips for interviews, how to write captivating cover letters and CVs, and different jobs in high demands. So if you haven’t attached yourself to many recruiters on LinkedIn, kindly do so now.

Tip #5: Connect with People in your Area of Interest
If you want to be a banker, connect more with bankers. If you want to teach, deal more with teachers and school owners. It will be odd that you wish to work in a bakery and you network more with carpenters – they will have nothing much to offer you. The essence of connecting with people in your area of interest is that they will be like informal on-the-job trainers to you. And you will also get to know when there is opening in their establishments.

Tip #6: Listen to Motivational Speakers and Read Motivational Books
I know that people are beginning to think that motivational speakers are not worth listening to; but you actually need to listen to these people. They are not going to give you a job, but they will inspire you to get up and keep hustling. That is their main job. Trust me, anyone can find himself at very low ebb every now and then. At this period, it will take the person’s will power and the help of someone else to pull out of this mood. Motivational speakers and writers are some of the people that can do this. So, don’t worry about what people say, listen to motivational speakers and read motivational books.

Tip #7: Pick up a Small Job
Having something doing keeps the body and mind busy. This helps a lot in removing the pressure and tension that comes with job hunt. The way this happens is that because you have something doing already, you always have it at the back of your mind that you have something you will fall on if your application is rejected. So, pick up any job you see, irrespective of how much they pay you. It will help to reduce tension and pressure.

Tip #8: Go into Internship
These days a lot of companies are seeking for interns. You may decide to go in for that to help you build up your skills and experiences, which will give you a better edge in your job search. It will be better if you go for internship in your dream job or career. Remember to continue your job search during internship unless you are sure the company you are attached to will automatically offer you employment after the internship programme.

Tips #9: Go for Skill Acquisition
You can look for a place where you will pay to acquire some basic skills, especially the ones needed for the job of your interest.

Remember what I said earlier, job search is a job in itself. Don’t let the pressure and tension that comes with it weigh you down.

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