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Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors In Second Quarter Of 2011 (2Q2011) By IDC

According to IDC, the top mobile phone vendors for 2Q2011 are Nokia, Samsung, LG Electronics, Apple and ZTE. Nokia holds 24% market share, followied by Samsung at 19%. Apple is below LG Electronics with both having respectively 5.6% and 6.8%. ZTE rounds it up with 4.5%. Tekedia thinks that Huawei will be a huge chunk of the 39% others in the table above. Note that all the units are in millions.


Below is the adapted analyst comments from IDC with regards to each of these vendors.

Nokia’s hold on the top global mobile phone spot weakened last quarter as inventory buildups in traditional strongholds, namely China and Europe. Over the long term, Nokia’s smartphone fortunes will be dictated by its ability to sell Windows Phone 7 smartphone devices.

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Samsung posted double-digit growth from the same quarter a year ago, and just slightly slower growth than the overall pace of the market. The difference between Samsung and market leader Nokia continued to shrink, with less than 20 million units separating the two vendors, mostly resulting from Nokia’s struggles in the market.


LG Electronics held on to its number three position during the quarter, thanks in part to its Optimus smartphone sales worldwide.  Originally, LG had anticipated flat growth in 2011 from 2010 levels, even as it expected the overall market to increase by 8%.


Apple maintained its number four position overall but closed the gap on Top 5 competitors thanks to another record unit shipment quarter. The company easily posted the highest growth rate of the worldwide leaders despite the fact that its flagship iPhone 4 is now more than a year old. The triple-digit shipment volume growth allowed Apple to more than double its share when compared to the same quarter last year.


ZTE likewise improved volumes and picked up market share during the quarter, enough to maintain the number five position. Long known as a purveyor of simple, voice-centric mobile phones, ZTE has stepped up its smartphone game with the continued success of its Android-powered Blade and Racer smartphones while announcing Libra, Skate, and Amigo smartphones for release in the second half of this year. Feature phones continued to be popular for ZTE, with the release of its 547i, a social networking-centric device in Europe.

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