Tranos Is Deepening Nigeria’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Tranos Is Deepening Nigeria’s Manufacturing Capabilities

By Nnamdi Odumody

Tranos Contracting is an indigenous firm which was founded 11 years ago by Jude Abalaka to provide engineering, fabrication, maintenance and project management as well as manufacturing of high quality products in power generation, energy distribution, control, and automation enclosures. This focus has made the company to be highly sought after by local and foreign companies.

It has set world-class standards in safety, quality and efficiency through its various design and fabrication processes with state of the art equipment and resource, enabling it to carry out innovative design, manufacturing and fabrication which compete with international standards.

Its product line includes telecom power solutions, sound proof enclosures for generator companies, packaged substations for power distribution, diesel generators, battery cabinets, distribution boards for telecom companies, switches and sockets for domestic and commercial use, warehouse racks, accessories for solar panels, etc.

Tranos product line falls into the business to business category which is its main focus while its business to consumer range is done on special requests.

Tranos capabilities have seen it producing power solutions for 11 percent of the 25,000 functional telecommunications base stations scattered across Nigeria.

In 2018, it developed a new product line of switches and sockets designed to meet the demands of any device connection whether local, UK or US standards.

Tranos invests heavily in R&D to develop innovative solutions in the shortest possible time for its clients and sources over 50 percent of its raw materials locally while its products are designed to suit the local market.

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