Turn Your Workers Into GREAT Innovators & Project Champions

Turn Your Workers Into GREAT Innovators & Project Champions

Just a few minutes ago, Tekedia Institute created the 18th digital board. And that was to serve an amazing non-profit, WeForGood. We are working with banks, insurers, startup incubators, alumni associations and other institutions to nurture innovators and project champions. We focus on three core things: Innovation, Business Growth and (Digital) Execution.

And our program cuts across industrial sectors and market territories. Yes, we work with banks just as we work with an agro-processor. I want you to work with us: let us serve your Stars and make innovators & project champions out of them.

I prepared for this moment: taking time as a young man to earn 2 doctoral and 4 master’s degrees. My vision has been: walk into a classroom and demonstrate broad and in-depth knowledge. At Tekedia Institute, we TRANSFORM.

A brochure is available on request by email [email protected]

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