Understand the Ecommerce Sector in Africa

Understand the Ecommerce Sector in Africa

Next week in our program , we will focus on “Business Model & Transformation”.  I begin with “Modern Business Models and Growth”, looking at Aggregation Construct, Double Play, etc while Omowunmi Adenuga-Taiwo examines “Effective Organizational Change Management”. So, as technology and markets drive organization changes, triggering potential new business models, Omowunmi helps us on protocols to ensure that CHANGE is done effectively. Every business needs to attend her class – it is a beauty of what has to happen during this post-pandemic era.

Then, Femi Aiki, CEO of digital grocery startup, Foodlocker, did a masterpiece in his 90-minute video, using ecommerce as a case study. Yes, he explains a sector-transformation in action. Femi ran balance sheets, growth drivers and dropped his outlooks.

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