Become An INNOVATOR: Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA Today

Become An INNOVATOR:  Register for Tekedia Mini-MBA Today

First, I apologize for the delay in setting up accounts. Today is salary day and many members joined. My team has started sending the logins as I write. In 30 minutes, you will get your logins. (Use self-registration to avoid delay.) More so, while the Institute has tried to avoid getting involved in WhatsApp & Slack groups to allow members to do their things, we have a new policy: if your WhatsApp group is full, put a note that you cannot accept more members due to capacity.

Tekedia Mini-MBA continues to welcome new members for the second edition. Come and master the mechanics of business systems. We have independent co-learning groups which are run by Managing Partners and CEOs of great companies who are mentoring and helping our young people.

There is nothing like what is happening in those groups. Once the lectures go live, a social media group is set up and the discussions begin. A business canvas developed from our Challenge #1 has received funding. The member wrote: “I have been sending business plans with no success, but I tried this canvas and we got funding in Lagos”.

Join us today and be part of the FUTURE, register.


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

Click to join Tekedia Capital and build Next Africa with min of $10,000 co-investment in startups.

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