United Africa Group Is Evolving as a Material Manufacturing Giant in Namibia

United Africa Group (UAG) is a private equity firm with 35 investee companies. The company was started in 1992 and developed as a commodity trading company before moving into flour, textile and construction materials manufacturing. These companies have been sold and the company now focuses on services; especially tourism through its chain of 9 hotels, plus government payment systems and property management.


United Africa Group is run by an inspiring entrepreneur who has created at least 10 companies during the last 16 years and continues to establish new businesses under the umbrella of United Africa Group. While recently the focus has been on tourism and public services, he continues to identify new opportunities and is moving into energy generation, oil distribution and a desalination plant. In addition to a focus on quality services, UAG applies an innovative business model that separates the management of the service provision from the operating company and from the property company, thus maximising cash flow, adding value for United Africa Group and at the same time ensuring that each business is profitable.

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