Gahaya Links Provides The Platform For Weavers To Tap Opportunities in Uganda


Gahaya Links is a leading handicrafts export company in Rwanda that works with over 3400 rural weavers and exports the products, including their famed peace basket, to the United States through the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (“AGOA”). The product design is based on detailed assessment, understanding and anticipation of customer needs and preferences. The company is proud of their longstanding relationships with Macy’s as well as Neiman Marcus.


It is a for-profit Rwandan handicraft company based on the simple principle of women economic empowerment through fair-trade. Our products are knitted in traditional, authentic Rwandan patterns and are of high quality to ensure a sustainable market for the Gahaya Links weavers. Crafted products include beautifully woven baskets, home décor, jewelry and textiles.


Gahaya Links promotes job- and wealth-creation at the grassroots level, identifying poor and illiterate women for training and inclusion in their 4000-strong artisan workforce.


In addition to technical training, the company offers training courses ranging from basic banking and saving to hygiene, involvement in the political process and HIV/AIDS prevention, to unity and reconciliation. Master weavers participate in marketing outreach initiatives through participation in markets and trade shows abroad, and in representing Rwanda throughout the world in folk art festivals, tourism fairs and women’s empowerment conferences.


“We are a producer of high-quality Rwandan handicrafts targeting sophisticated local and international markets. We plan diversification into textiles, sisal-based household implements and woven artwork, and continue to build close ties to disenfranchised rural groups throughout the country.”

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