United States Responds On Nigeria’s #Twitterban

United States Responds On Nigeria’s #Twitterban

Below is the US Government’s statement on the Twitter ban by the Nigerian government. I predict that Nigeria will chill. Expect someone to go to court, and a court will rule against the Nigerian government to unban Twitter. Then, the government will put a statement – “as a responsible government, we are unbanning Twitter, as we believe in the rule of law”. But let me assure you that what is happening here is vapor as the government will not even put an argument in the court.

When an Iranian military officer was killed by the US in Iraq, during the time of Trump, Iran promised to retaliate. The country fired a missile but made sure that US and allies were warned ahead to leave the base before the projectile could hit. In short, they intentionally missed the target.

But what happened afterwards was legendary, and one of the few moments when Fake News served humanity well: Iran showed on its TV images of many dead “American soldiers”, telling the citizens that it avenged the life of the officer. Magically, the citizens stopped the protests as they believed that the government had dealt with America!

So, for Nigeria and Twitter, the biggest challenge is not Twitter: it is Facebook which also removed the same post. But Nigeria cannot ban Facebook because Facebook is Instagram, Facebook com and WhatsApp. Many Nigerian companies live on those platforms and the government knows that.

Where am I going? The government needs soft-landing so that we can move to the next big distraction! A court supported by the government can even put an injunction: blue bird, you are free to fly in Nigeria!

The Economics of Twitter and What Nigeria Needs To Know


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2 thoughts on “United States Responds On Nigeria’s #Twitterban

  1. Aso Rock hot line will be busy in the next 48 hours, giving explanations to the real kingmakers, they can ignore Nigerians but they cannot ignore those ones; else they pull the plug…

    Well, it started like a movie and it will equally end like one, and we will all move to the next distraction; It’s an old script anyway.

    The face saving campaign will soon kick off, and you will hear that the ban was done in order to thwart a terrorist attack and similar stories; they are never short on fake threats and stories.

    The evil men do…


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