Use One Oasis & Double Play To Capture Value As You Serve Customers [Video]

Use One Oasis & Double Play To Capture Value As You Serve Customers [Video]

You need to capture value for your enterprise even as you create value for customers. IT improves productivity but sometimes the web not only improves efficiency in the utilization of factors of production but also helps to transfer or destroy value. So, there is the risk that you could be doing great things for your customers but the value created, you are not capturing. If you allow that redesign, your enterprise can collapse.

In this video, I challenge us to use the One Oasis Strategy and Double Play Strategy to build business models that will ensure that we capture enterprise value even as we create for customers. Skype creates great value for customers but it has struggled to capture most value; so, Skype remains a sojourner, constantly being passed around by buyers and sellers. Do not be like Skype.

I will be sharing in the Board as we round up this edition of Tekedia Mini MBA. Our focus now is Execution and execution that captures value in markets.



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