Visafone Introduces Visa Talk. That Comes After The Popular Money Back Initiative

Visa Talk  is here. Visafone launched it to help subscribers get a lower and better tarriff with the wireless network provider. With this offer, users pay 15k per in-network and 30k for out network per second. But the users must pay access fee of N25 everyday.


This is a new innovation after its popular Money Back initiative where a user can return a used phone for a new one with payment and maximum ceiling of N5,000 per unit of handset.


In a media statement introducing Visa Talk, Sailesh Iyer, the MD/CEO of Visafone noted that the new product will add value to user experience in the network. He was of the opinion that this offers a higher value to customers in terms of quality and cost. To switch to this new offer, just dial *444*120# in the Visafone network.


the new tariff will add value to our customers by helping them to connect more with family and friends, as Visafone continues to offer other products and services to make communication accessible and affordable.


Visafone this week lost its priced jewel of acquiring Multilinks which it had hoped to use to consolidate its CMDA services in the nation. Maybe, it can talk to Starcomms which we think can be a natural partner and both can compete against the big GSM networks. We think in the long run, Visafone nets a merger to continue to do well.

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