Yrn.me Is Nigerian – Bold, Fresh and Ready for Prime Time


Yrn.me is new and fresh. But we do not like one thing – the spam gotcha. It kills the user experience. Asking us to put a gotach to prove we are humans was not fun. Yet, the site is bold, fresh and prime time. We got a simplification of our new book url:  http://yrn.me/fl35u And it works.


We congratulate again Tekedia interviewee, Ahmad Muksohy for this innovation he piloted.


What is Yrn.me? We just quote what the creator has on the About page:


Built by Ahmad Mukoshy, yrn.me is a mini url-shorter that works! Its primary work is to shorten web addresses and make them attractive and share friendly like “yrn.me/abc12”.


It also allow its users to generate custom links like “yrn.me/wikipedia” on top of any long web address! Read for web developer who could use it with their web based applications using the YRN.Me API. Yrn.me lets you shorten, organise, share and track links you visit!


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