We Have Some Graduations Coming Next Week: Congrats, WeForGood Team

We Have Some Graduations Coming Next Week: Congrats, WeForGood Team

At the Tekedia Institute, we have more than a dozen companies co-creating and co-learning through our facilitation on their innovation and growth processes. We begin the process by sending the management a questionnaire. They complete it and return, and using that insight gathered, we design a course for that company. Then, we run courses, videos, assignments with the company’s staff and partners, focusing at the core on why they came to us.

This is an evolving new model of education: co-learning with staff and partners alongside. They are the experts on what they do, but we are thought-leaders on the frameworks and models. We infuse our constructs and deepen their perspectives and capabilities. Ask for our brochure on this service

We call this Symphonic Innovation:  innovation that is not domain-specific, but is anchored on a unified and harmonious approach in the deployment of business processes to accelerate productivity gains and cushion competitiveness. It is the most impactful of our mission in the Institute, and one that has put the 7 degrees I have earned in life, across different fields into a greater use. Simply, I understand many things through that variety in education.

Next week, one of those firms, we can share publicly, will graduate dozens of its partners. We want to wish We For Good members and its founder  Temitayo Ade-Peters abundance in the future of doing good. A Texas-based based firm is also graduating its members on African insights; we wish them open doors in Africa.

Learn more about Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates here https://school.tekedia.com/course/corporates/


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