We Have These Technologies In Nigeria – Do Not Go To China. Come To Fasmicro

We want to inform the general public that Fasmicro has developed the following capability to execute for any customer that wants any of them. We will help you customize the technology to any taste of level you want. You do not need any appointment, just visit our Owerri Design Center, Nigeria and our engineers will demonstrate to you our capabilities.


You must not go to China. Give a local Nigerian company an opportunity. We are staffed by legends in this trade and we are well trained. Come over to Fasmicro Owerri office and see what we have done. We not only gave Nigeria its first Apps Store, we are redesigning the innovation narratives on mobility.


Our technology will support 15 million farmers in Eastern part of Nigeria when we are done. Dr. Farm is our creation and it is an evolutionary product that is beyond any comparison in Nigeria.

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 9 (Sep 12 – Dec 3 2022) is ongoingRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program. Beat early bird for free books and other bonuses. 


We also invite to ask for our PawaOn – a switch over that automatically changes your generator and grid. But the innovation is the way we are integrating so that your mobile phone can control it. This product just passed the schematic tests. We are right now sourcing components to have a prototype.


Again, we have capacity to drive these products and more for you.



  • Usb microscope developed with android tablet and a student can observe and send report online to the instructor. Your tablet becomes a display for microscope
  • RFID Android based supermarket inventory control—-using Android tablet to access and monitor inventory
  • Speed monitoring system for road safety——Android tablet interfaced with speed monitoring system
  • Security monitoring system or aid for security personnel—-In which Android tablet will be interfaced with wireless security cameras. This is a surveillance system
  • Fuel or fluid level inventory control —–holding your tablet,you can monitor and control fluid level anywhere in the world
  • Automation and process control —interfacing sensors, relays,speed controllers etc to Android tablet through micro-controller wirelessly
  • Home Automation that controls your electricity and water taps.

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