What GREAT Leaders Do [Video]

What GREAT Leaders Do [Video]

I approve this message because that is what leadership is about: making people to accomplish things which individually they cannot do. It means making 1+1 = 11. In companies and nations, when great leaders emerge, amazing things happen. They elevate people and make many #believe.

In my Ovim village in Abia state, Dr. Ernest Nnorom Ukpaby, the first indigenous dean in University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), was a leader to his people that during baptism, reverends struggled to get the villagers to return the right answer on “Who is your savior?” For most, the answer was simple: Dr Ukpaby. Then, they failed and had to return back to catechism, hoping they pass the next time.

Leaders make ordinary people dream above their abilities and accomplish more. We want great political leaders in Nigeria!


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