Wedding Is Not An Investment

Wedding Is Not An Investment

Have you ever been to any Nigerian wedding?

Yes, I have been to many. I can’t even remember some anymore. When I see how people attach so much importance to just a day event, it makes me wonder where our priority lies as human. 

Often times, I have seen people put themselves under the pressure of satisfying the public. They will go as far as to borrow money to spend on planning a wedding ceremony. Some had even gone to the point of emptying their bank account just to satisfy every invited guest in just one day. The worst part of it all, these weddings don’t even last. 

Am I against anyone having a big party?

No! Far from my point of view. I have written this to tell everyone to tread with caution when planning a wedding ceremony. Spending big doesn’t make you big. People will attend many more wedding ceremonies after yours. Meaning, people won’t dwell on it again. The annoying part is that you won’t satisfy every invited guest. So why even try at the expense of your pocket? 

Wedding is not an investment. As much as it is worth celebrating, it should be done reasonably. There’s always life after the wedding. Why attach so much importance to just a day event when you should be more concerned about the life events – marriage. 

We need to break away from the ”I will do it only once” mentality. Because it has put many into a terrible situation. The wedding ended and you had to realize that you’d pay back your debts. It is not a good way to start your home with your loving partner. Thinking about debts when you are supposed to be honeymooning in Dubai or Canada may frustrate your home and put your marriage vows under threat. 

I understand your partner may want a big ceremony, but I will advise you to check your pockets. Use what’s left after savings to organize your wedding. There’s no standard rule that specifies how a wedding should look like. In fact, you don’t even need to go bankrupt to organize any. If you can only afford to feed five people, it’s fine. After all, no one will help you feed your home. 

Don’t ever succumb to the pressure of family or your partner because a marriage that starts with debt may never last. It’s too early to start living in fear and frustration. Think about your unborn children. The cost of training a child in Nigeria is no longer a penny. Would it not be better to invest in your children that will be there for you in your old and stricken days than to lavish on a day wedding. 

Lastly, if you are not a celebrity, there’s no need to lavish your money on a wedding because it won’t make the headlines and neither will you make any profit from it, unless you can conveniently afford it. 

A better Nigeria starts with a great mindset. This boils down to every one of us. We don’t want broken homes anymore. The children are the ones who suffer from failed marriages. We want our children to be well catered for, and it starts by foreseeing the future.

It makes no sense to borrow money for a wedding but can’t borrow money to execute a business idea. 

Think about it.

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