Western Union Payments for Google AdSense Now Available in Cameroon, Mauritius and Senegal


Google is systematically covering Africa. It just announced that it is adding three more African nations in its AdSence  program. This is contained in a post on Google Africa blog.


There are millions of websites and blogs across Africa. This content transforms the web for the benefit of users. Google AdSense helps content publishers grow their online business by helping them with monetization. AdSense is a programme that enables publishers to display relevant ads on their websites and earn revenue. It’s free to use, quick to set up and now even easier to get paid.


In October 2010, we announced the launch of Western Union Quick Cash® payments for Google AdSense in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, Today, we are announcing three more countries, this time in Francophone Africa! If you’re a Google AdSense publisher, you can now select Western Union Quick Cash payments in:


  • Cameroon
  • Mauritius
  • Senegal

Western Union Quick Cash payments are free and will reach you faster than checks. Payments follow our normal payment schedule and are available for pickup in your local currency at your local Western Union agent the day after they’re issued.


We are confident that next one will include Nigeria. Yes, Western Union cannot stop it, despite all the concerns about fraud. Google is home and one just pity Yahoo and Microsoft on their strategies in Africa. Google is beating everyone hands down.

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