What Are the Best Sports to Bet on?

What Are the Best Sports to Bet on?

The Online Betting SA industry has recorded significant change since sports betting became legal. Football, Basketball, and other sports are now available to bet on, but choosing the best sport may be challenging. This post will discuss the best sports you can wager on.

Best Sports to Bet on

With many sports available, the following are the best sports to bet on, as recommended by our team.


The first sport on our list is Football, one of the most followed sports in the world. Aside from the excitement derived from the sport, it is available to virtually all bookmakers, making it easy to access. Also, it has a wide range of markets, and it is easier to track match outcomes to speed up bet settlement.

Furthermore, the availability of many betting platforms makes it easy to compare odds and markets. While you opt for platforms with better odds, you can also choose exciting markets. Some popular markets include match results, total goals, double chance, both teams to score, and many others. 

Horse Racing

Next on our list of best sports for South Africans is Horse. Being another popular sport, it has extensive coverage, and numerous races are scheduled nonstop in a day across the globe. Meanwhile, the vast game schedule makes it easy for bettors to have something to wager on at all times.

Further, horse racing has competitive odds across many platforms, and the live-streaming features make it easier to follow your wager. Also, many markets, like Place Bet, Win Bet, Eachway Bet, etc., are available for South African Punters. Finally, there are many horse racing strategies that can help you have a successful gambling experience. 


Betting on basketball games is another way to increase your sports betting experience. With club tournaments like NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, and others, bettors have many events to wager on. Similarly, there are markets like match winners, total points, handicaps, etc., with competitive odds to choose from.

Another exciting aspect of betting on Basketball is that Live Betting is always available. It enables you to wager on games you’re following, further increasing the excitement. Also, the availability of data and statistics about the playing teams makes selections easier. 


Tennis is another top sport you can wager on as a South African. With many games and sets involved, you have many markets to choose from. Meanwhile, these markets have excellent odds since most of the major tours for ATP and WTA are featured in most gambling sites.

Furthermore, another unique aspect of Tennis betting is that it is best for In-Play games. Since the games are quickly decided, it gives players chances of winning quickly. Aside from In-Plays, you can bet on match winners, games winners, total games, total sets, etc. Interestingly, you can follow your preferred games via live-streaming features on Bookmakers. 


Rugby is another sport suitable for South African punters, and the sport is played in many nations of the world. Also, Rugby is known for its physicality and the intelligence and strength of the players. Wagering your money on the already thrilling matches increases your excitement.

Since the sport has many tournaments, bettors have many markets to stake their funds. They can bet on match winners, the winnings margin, the team to score first try, and others. Since most South Africans are familiar with the sport, reading the games and making the right bet decisions is easier. 


Another sport that we recommend for South African players is Esports. These video games betting have attracted tons of users to the gambling industry. Although it is still new in the industry, there are various games, and each has different tournaments in which you can bet on the outcomes.

Some games available include Counter-Strike, League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, and others. Also, Esports are available on live streams, which enable you to follow the team you staked on. Some markets you can wager on include Map Winner Handicap Bets and First Blood. 


Cricket is the last game on our list and is one of the best sports to stake your money on. Meanwhile, the sports can come as Test competition or Twenty20; regardless of the form, you have many markets to bet on.

Just like in tennis, there are many breaks in a match which makes it suitable for In-Plays. You have markets like Coin Toss Winner, Inning Runs, and other clever markets to wager on.


With many games available on online bookmaker sites, an average South African punter has many games to wager on. This post has recommended some of the sports which we believe you’ll find betting on them exciting. However, ensure you understand the sports and how betting on them works before wagering your money on them.

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