… with love from the Nigerian Capital Market

… with love from the Nigerian Capital Market

We know the significance of today for what it means and what it holds for your future.

Is she your bae for today alone, or one for today and the future or you have been life partners and today is only for a vow renewal? What surprises do you have for her today?

As you ponder on the gifts that will make today memorable, we have some words to support you from the love stories of two famous US stars: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

In 2017, Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian with an extraordinary move, he sent her a box of gifts. Kim opened the present to discover Apple headphones, an Amazon gift card, Adidas socks, a Netflix gift card and a Mickey Mouse toy. Amazing box, right? … but there was more.

Those gifts came with $200,000 worth of stocks in Apple, Amazon, Adidas, Netflix, and Disney. He gave her cool presents for the day and a lifetime investment. Now that’s love.

It’s now 2020, three years after and those investments have grown, Amazon has grown by 157%, Netflix 171%, Disney 28% etc. The entire portfolio is now worth over $430,000.00! This is how to love.

Flowers fade, true love grows.

Flowers fall, true love grows.

Like love, investments grow.

As you profess your love with beautiful gifts, make room for a lifetime investment in the one you truly love.

Express love, make him feel like a King but go beyond treating him like Dangote today, buy him Dangote shares for the future.

If you will surprise her with an Apple phone let the stocks of Apple go with it.

As you debit your bank accounts with payment for her gifts, bank charges will follow. Don’t forget to buy the shares of that bank for her so that those charges can come back as dividends after today.

At TrustBanc, we believe to love is to trust.

Trust, like love, is not short term, it’s long term.

Long-term investments hold long term relationships.

Invest in your love for her with us.

Let’s help you keep your trust.

With love from TrustBanc Financial Group.

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