World’s Most Popular Sports Loved by Everyone

World’s Most Popular Sports Loved by Everyone

Sporting activities form a very important part of our daily lives. Professionals from MBA thesis services claim that people play games to keep fit, stay fresh and healthy. It is no doubt that sports are the most affordable and arguably the best stress-busters for many people. It is not a thing for the men alone. Women have also had the same interest in sports as their male counterparts. This has been made more and more interesting through technology that has made watching and listening to sporting activities possible. Today, there are many people watching and listening to live commentary from radio, TV and even on the internet. As a result, the sports concept is accessible to many people today.

Favourite Sports for Many

Definitely, there are differences in preferences of the type of sporting activities one would engage in. This is obvious owing to the fact that people have different likes and dislikes in almost every sphere of our lives. Even with that, there are some types of sports that are more popular than others and have found a huge following in and throughout the universe. Here are some of the most popular sports loved by everyone.

  • Golf

This is the most expensive sport in the world with a following of about 400 million fans. It is a ball sport and precision club where players normally known as golfers make use of different styles and strikes to hit a ball with an aim of landing it in a series of holes set up in the game field. The golfer hitting the maximum number of balls using minimum shots ends up as the winner. A lot of precision is required in this game. Although usually termed as a game of the rich, it is also played in many parts of the world including third-world countries.

  • Basketball

Despite being common in many other parts of the world, this sport has the biggest fan base in America. Around the world, it has a total of 400 million fans. The sport is normally played by two teams against each other with tackles and shooting balls using hands into a loop for a score to be made. The team with the many loop scores takes the day. It is tagged a game of the rich hence the reason you won’t find it in many parts of the world.

  • American Football

Though named after America, this type of football has also attracted a following in other nations like Fiji. It is definitely famous in America with a fan base of 410 million around the world. America likes doing things in its own way but because of its influence around the globe, many other people are also interested in what they do hence the huge following from many other areas.

  • Baseball

This game is mainly played in the USA but has also grown to attract fans and players I Cuba, Japan and the Dominican Republic among other nations. According to online editing jobs professionals, the fan base is around 500 million stemming from different parts of the world. It is a game played by two teams with players taking turns in this bat and ball game.

  • Table Tennis

As the name suggests, this is tennis on a table. It has attracted a fan base of about 900million from different parts of the world.  It can either played in singles or in twos meaning one player or two players to either side of the divide. Players are required to pass a light ball using small rackets over a net placed in between. 

  • Volleyball

With a fan base of about 900million, volleyball comes up in the top 10 sports loved by everyone around the world. It is a very intense game whether it is played by men or by women. The game is normally played by two teams separated at the centre by a net above them. Players are required to hit the ball using their hands with the aim of hitting it against the ground of the opposing team. 

  • Tennis

There are over 1 billion people around the world who love watching and/or playing tennis. A game of tennis comprises either two or four participants playing against each other. The game is played on clay courts, concrete courts or in a grass court among several other options. It is either one against one other person or two against two other people. 

  • Hockey

The fan base for this sport is about 2 billion people around the world. Field hockey is played by two teams where players endeavour to tackle and tactically move the ball or else puck into the goal post of the opponents. The complexity of the game is what makes the game full of fun. As a result, there are different versions of the game played around the world.               

  • Cricket

It is amazing how Cricket has had a huge following of about 3 billion fans around the world despite being played in only some odd 15 nations. The game comprises two teams with 11 players to each of the sides who bat and field. The team making the most runs or dismisses the opponents faster emerges as the winner. 

  • Soccer

This is arguably the king of all sports with a fan base of 3.5 billion people. Football has attracted a huge following around the world and is definitely the number one sport loved by all. A game of soccer comprises two teams each with eleven players. Winning against each other is by scoring into the goal post of the opponent. By observing it, one may think it is easy but it is 90 minutes of applying energy and skill to get past your opponents.

Final Thoughts

Sports form a very integral part of our lives and based on one’s interests and access to a certain sport, people will either engage actively in it or watch others play. These sporting activities come with a lot of benefits both social and physical. Here are the top most loved sports around the world.

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