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Everyone has ideas. But only about 2% of us actually turn our “aha moments” into inventions.


Now you can. Thanks to Ahha.


Those who submit ideas to the site get suggestions from Ahhha’s community, which can vote the project up and down. Unlike other “crowdfunding” sites, like Kickstarter or RocketHub, in  Ahhha the best ideas, as voted on by the site’s users and determined by Ahhha staff, will be given funding or connections to make the project a reality, CNN Reports.


From their official blog

Today is our first official day for opening our doors to all. We know there are an untold number of people out there brimming with all kinds of great ideas. Rather than let your ideas lay dormant, which is too often the case, we hope AHHHA can instead help you move that idea forward to answer the question many people have pondered: what if? What if I had followed that idea I had way back when. At AHHHA, we’d like to help you follow your dream.


We believe that the time for social ideation is upon us. What is “social ideation?” Taking a page from Thomas Edison, who applied the principles of mass production and large teams to the process of invention, AHHHA is driving “social ideation”. By harnessing the efficiencies of the Internet and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, AHHHA’s social ideation platform enables people from all walks of life to stake their claim on that great idea they had. It also enables online collaboration with others who like your idea. Once you submit an idea, you’ll start to receive feedback on what’s missing, suggestions on how to improve upon it, or even better, requests from people as to when and how they can order it! What’s novel about AHHHA is that it’s an online community where you can not only stake a claim in your own idea but you’re encouraged to help others with their own ideas out. In the process, people become contributors to one another’s idea and get to share in its potentially future success as well. The best ideas get voted up and from there, AHHHA will handle the heavy lifting to identify how your idea can be best monetized.


Let the social ideation begin!


Thank you for checking out AHHHA and let us know what you think.

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