Zenvus Mission-Critical Industrial Camera Mechanical Design Photos

Zenvus Mission-Critical Industrial Camera Mechanical Design Photos

With the mechanical design choice concluded, we are now working on the full mechanical design of the mission-critical industrial camera. The product has been prototyped, tested and it met all the needs of our industrial clients. I do not do electronics for consumer market because the economics looks harder for a small company. Rather, we focus on niche industrial applications, and deploy PhD-level expertise to engineer amazing things. My customers prepay which helps us to engineer solutions with amazing quality. Enjoy the photos and I do hope it will inspire you to be a maker. I want young engineers to believe: put your (student) final year projects to test and think how markets may need them.

We have saved lives across Africa, using the most brilliant technologies. And when bad things happen, we provide technologies that enable amazing feats. At Fasmicro, we know how to combine transistors and wires to make electrons move in the right ways, so that awesome things happen.

We are serving Africa with engineering, the zenith of all professions.

I am an engineer.



Zenvus camera prototyping setup


Data from Zenvus camera prototype (source: Fasmicro Nigeria)

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