Zenvus – A New AgTech Company for Smart Farming

Zenvus – A New AgTech Company for Smart Farming

Dear Tekedia Readers,

Greetings. We just launched an AgTech (agricultural technology) venture. Zenvus monitors farms with electronic sensors communicated via GSM, WIFI or Satellites to cloud servers where we have built computational models to help farmers understand How, What and When to farm. It tracks humidity, nutrients, pH, etc.  It also uses special cameras to build Vegetative Index of crops to detect stress, pests, diseases etc. This is our site: http://zenvus.com/

Farmers that buy our sensors and who can share some data can raise capital, insure farms, etc through our services like zCapital, zInsure, zCrowdfund, etc. We bring transparency in agriculture and validate farms because our systems have in-built GPS to authenticate locations.

We are looking for partners – foundations, intergovernmental institutions, governments, etc. We help farmers reduce waste, improve yields and accelerate productivity. Zenvus was funded through grants from USAID and we’re taking guesswork out of farming.

This is the future of farming; it is data-driven farming at its best.
Zenvus Team

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