Zenvus Smartfarm Attending Singularity University Global Summit in Silicon Valley

Zenvus Smartfarm Attending Singularity University Global Summit in Silicon Valley

Good people, I will be leading the best engineering design team from Africa as we present one of the finest engineering products from the beautiful continent. Zenvus Smartfarm, my AgTech company, was selected by Silicon Valley-based Singularity University to share the stage on innovation in the prestigious SU Global Summit.  The world will hear our vision to build a new layer for Africa’s agriculture. We are architecting the foundation for Exponential Food Production in Africa and I am confident we can make extreme poverty history by improving food production.

This is Zenvus in the midst of exponential technology disrupters.

Who we are: We are the first company that created farm sensors that can work in any location. It has WIFI, GSM and Satellite connectivity.

 Zenvus Smartfarm is an intelligent solution for farms that uses electronics sensors to collect soil data like moisture, pH etc and wirelessly send them to cloud via GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms analyze the data and advice farmers on what, how and when to farm. Also, it uses special cameras to build vegetative health of the farm for pest and diseases. We make farming data-driven over guesswork. Zenvus supports services like agro-lending, -insurance and -auction using data from hardware.

Our Mission: Our pilots have proven that farmers can double yield with the deployment of our technology. If this is scaled globally, more people will be fed.

As always, I thank my colleagues in our business for their contributions. Young people doing great engineering and committed to the mission to invent the next Africa.

Now back to the lab… the world is built on designs! Nations with no designers are irrelevant and just spectators with all talks and no actions.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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