Pre-register for Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Online Training

Pre-register for Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Online Training

Milonics Analytics, my IBM PartnerWorld on cybersecurity and big data analytics (Member ID, 8i00p), will launch a new product via wholly-owned U.S.-domiciled First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute. The product is to deliver world-class certificate, diploma and nanodegree programs on Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. Milonics Analytics has worked for global clients around the world.

Today, I am offering the first 1,000 participants who pre-register to pay $200 per certificate program . The affected programs are as follows with some course contents presented at the end:

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Technology
  •  Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy
  •  Certificate in Cybersecurity Management
  •  Certificate in Cybersecurity Intelligence and Digital Forensics


  • Certificate in National Cybersecurity Defence
  • Certificate in Cybersecurity for Law Enforcements & Policymakers
  • Certificate in Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Regulations and Law

All the programs will be delivered entirely online and will last 12 weeks. They are paced weekly to ensure our participants learn and assimilate all the components of our programs. Courses cover expert contents, videos, quizzes, “exams” and applets to test learning progress. These programs were created under my supervision; they are world-class.

To pre-register, you can pay with Paypal & debit and credit cards right away via this link. For Nigerian users, our bank details are here. For questions, contact: Global ([email protected] or [email protected]); Nigeria: [email protected]

Participants can register for other programs like the diploma and nanodegree from Oct 1 2016 (both require certificate programs as prerequisites)

Core Modules

Week 1 – Structure of Information Systems
Week 2 – Information Systems & Networks Vulnerabilities
Week 3 – Foundations of Cybersecurity
Week 4 – SMAC & BYOD Security
Week 5 – Preventing Cyber Intrusions
Week 6 – Evaluating Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy (CCYP)

Week 1 – 6: See Core Modules above
Week 7 – Ethics in Information Technology
Week 8 – Security Policy Analysis
Week 9 – Security Policy Implementation
Week 10 –Global Cybersecurity Policy & Law
Week 11 – Enterprise Cybersecurity Policy
Week 12 –Exam

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Technology (CCYT)

Week 1 – 6: See Core Modules above
Week 7 – Ethical Hacking
Week 8 – Malware Analysis
Week 9 – Penetration Testing & Tools
Week 10 – Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Week 11 – Networks and OS Security
Week 12 –Exam

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Management (CCYM)

Week 1 – 6: See Core Modules above
Week 7 – Physical & Human Security Management
Week 8 –Cybersecurity Essentials for Leaders
Week 9 – Cyber Incident Analysis and Response
Week 10 – Building Secure Enterprises & Organizations
Week 11 – Cybersecurity Project Management
Week 12 – Exam

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Digital Forensics (CCDF)

Week 1 – 6: See Core Modules above
Week 7 – Digital Forensics & Evidence
Week 8 – SMAC & BYOD Forensics*
Week 9 – Guarding Against Cyber Intrusions
Week 10 –Information Systems Security & Assurance
Week 11 – Cyber Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence
Week 12 – Exam

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